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Create a Custom Candle

Create a Custom Candle

Can't decide? Let your  intuition guide you while you create your own intention candle! Choose from several options of color, fragrance and enchancements to make a candle as unique and special as you are! 

  • Color Information

    RED - Passion, Strength                            

    ORANGE - Courage, Health                     

    WHITE - Higher Power                              

    YELLOW - Happiness, Clarity               

    GREEN - Growth, Healing

    BLUE - Peace, Wisdom

    PURPLE - Luxury, Ambition

    PINK - Love, Creativity

  • Botanical Information

    ROSE - Passion, Healing, Love, Protection, Divination

    LAVENDER - Tranquility, Relief, Peace, Harmony

    ROSEMARY - Memory, Wisdom, Remembrance, Protection

    JASMINE - Prosperity, Meditation, Spirituality

    CALENDULA - Luck, Spiritual Growth, Happiness, Insomnia

    LEMON - Vitality, Purify, Clear Negativity, Friendship

    SAGE - Protection, Health, Increases Senses

  • Crystal Information

    AMETHYST - Emotional healing, stress reliever, enhances spirtual connection

    ROSE QUARTZ - Ultimate love stone, trauma healing, self esteem, Insomnia

    RAINBOW FLOURITE - Focus, balancing, transmutes negative energy into positive, aids in decision making

    GREEN AVENTURINE - Healing energy, remove negative blocks, aids positive mental health, forgiveness

    TIGERS EYE - Protection, sense of purpose, focus, overcoming fear, remove money blocks

    BLACK AGATE - Grounding, centering, stability, willpower, calming, absorb negativity

    CLEAR QUARTZ - Master healer, enhances psychic ability, clarity, amplifies energy & creativity

    CITRINE - Manifestation, success, abundance, boosts mood, creating

    LAPIS LAZULI - Enlightenment, divine inspiration, psychological healing, compassion

$35.00 Regular Price
$26.25Sale Price
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